Synthesis Of Some New Benzimidazole Acetic Acid Derivatives And Evaluation For Their Antimicrobial And Antitubercular Activities

Sachin Kale, M. K Kale, K. R Biyani


 Substituted benzimidazole  have received considerable attention during last few decades as they are endowed with variety of biological activities and have wide range of therapeutic properties. A literature survey indicates that benzimidazole derivatives possess different biological activities such as anti-microbial activity, anti-ulcer ,antiparasitic, antiprotozoal , antiviral and antitubercular.

         Physical properties shown that, Benzimidazoles have high melting points, Benzimidazoles are usually soluble in polar solvents and sparingly soluble in non polar solvent,Benzimidazoles are weakly basic, being some what less basic than imidazole, Benzimidazoles are also sufficiently acidic to be generally soluble in aqueous alkali . The acidic properties of benzimidazoles, like those of imidazole, seem to be due to stabilization of the ion by resonance. The pKa value of benzimidazoles (pKa=5.30)

A new series of benzimidazoles acetic acid derivatives were synthesized by reacting 2(2-substituted phenyl ethenyl) 1H benzimidazole with chloroacetic acid under reflux. The structures of these compounds were established by means of IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and elemental analysis. All compounds were evaluated for antibacterial, antifungal and antitubercular activities.

       Most of the compounds have shown significant antibacterial, antifungal and antitubercular activity when compared with the standard drug Stryptomycin.


Benzimidazole Acetic Acid; Antitubercular; Antimicrobial


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DOI: 10.7439/ijbar.v4i5.369


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